1.                   Lozanov 1979 (also called: superlearning)

2.       draws on insights from the psychological research on extrasensory perception and yoga

3.       assumption: the potential and power of the human brain are utilized only in a small part, people are capable of learning much more than they think

4.       physical surroundings: dimmed light, classical music in the background, soft, comfortable seats, and close intimate atmosphere are important

5.       students should be comfortable, confident and relaxed to lower the affective filter (thus enhancing learning)

6.     relaxed states of mind favour maximum retention of material

7.       Baroque music, at the slow tempo of 60 beats per minute, and its specific rhythm are central to the method, they cause an increase in alpha brain waves and a decrease in blood pressure and pulse rate, which enables students to take in tremendous quantities of material (according to Lozanov)

8.       infantilisation: the teacher and the students exist in a parent-children relationship, students are encouraged to be as childlike as possible, yielding all authority to the teacher and sometimes assuming different roles (and names) from their real ones. It helps to remove barriers and avoid possible traumatic themes. Students  become suggestible.

9.       teacher: the only infallible authority, the teacher has to be properly dressed, has to fully believe in the method, should treat students with sympathy, his or her acting talent is vital

10.   lesson - 3 main parts:

a)   an oral review section in which previously learnt material is used for discussion

b)   presentation and discussion of new dialogue material in L1 and L2

c)   seance or concert session: students listen to relaxing music while the teacher reads the new dialogue material in a way which synchronizes with the music (during this phase there are also several minutes of silence)

11.               activities: role play, drama, no homework

12.               the typical course lasts 30 days (6 days a week, 4 hours a day)

13.   drawbacks: the practicality: music and comfortable chairs are not commonly available), questionable effectiveness


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