Grammar Translation Method


Grammar translation


1.       at the very beginning of XIX century it was used in teaching Latin and Greek

2.       aim: mastering of the grammar system and vocabulary of the target lg which enables students to read and comprehend texts, learners should be able to read literature and translate it into the native lg

3.       manner: reading and translating texts into the native lg, explaining, commenting and analysing grammar forms are important

4.       features:

5.       deductive application of grammar rules, grammar taught deductively from textbooks

6.       instructions in the native lg, little use of the target lg

7.       teacher - the authority in the classroom

8.       role learning, memorization (both vocabulary and grammar rules)

9.       techniques: translation of literary passages, reading comprehension questions, antonyms-synonyms, cognates - the similarities of the two lgs, fill-in-the-blanks, words in sentences, composition

10.   evaluation: written translation, grammar tests, questions about the target culture

11.   drawbacks: boredom, gives people wrong idea of learning lg, focused on written texts, it doesn’t develop communicative skills

12.   advantages: good for large groups and where accuracy is more important than fluency



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