CLT _ Communicative Language Teaching


Founders: Brumfit, Howat


1.       stresses the significance of lg functions (doesn’t focus solely on grammar and vocabulary)

2.       aim: to train students to use lg forms appropriately in a variety of contexts and purposes ( to achieve communicative competence)

3.       plentiful exposure to lg and opportunities to use it, activities involve students in real life or realistic communication where the accuracy of the lg they use is less important than successful achievement of the communicative task

4.       communicative activities should attempt to replicate real communication

a)   students should have a desire to communicate

b)   students should have a communicative aim (e.g. to buy an airline ticket, to make a point, to write a letter to a newspaper)

f)    students should be focused on the content (on what they are saying or writing) rather than on a particular lg form

g)   students should use a variety of lg rather than just one lg item

h)   no teacher intervention or kept to a minimum

i)    no materials control (they don’t dictate what specific lg forms the students use)

5.       the information gap: enhances the communicative purpose and the desire to communicate (the gap between the knowledge which for example two participants of a conversation have)

6.       CLT also uses some non-communicative activities because they also improve students’s  drilling and focused lg work

7.       CLT methodology is based on group and pairwork

8.       no explicit teaching of grammar with a consequent loss of accuracy among students in the pursuit of fluency

9.       opportunistic teaching

10.   the latest tendency: L1 isn’t totally excluded, grammatical competence is a part of communicative competence, sometimes it is essential not to block communication

11.   Role-play, simulation (TV programmes, scenes at the airport etc.), solving puzzles, constructing a story together (or writing a poem), quizzes, games, discussions

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