Tłumaczenie zdań

Zdania do tłumaczenia dostępne są dzieki uprzejmości serwisu Jacka Tomaszczyka isel.edu.pl

When all is said and done, I think we shouldn't take it seriously.
Let's hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
I can't help thinking it's the other way (a)round.
From where I stand, the information we got is useless.
There, there. It's not the end of the world, is it?
It looks like they have other fish to fry.
I'm not in the mood for studying today. I'm wiped out.
At least for once you should think of me and not only of yourself.
Any chance of finding out what they are up to?
I don't see any need to bring up this topic.
Cut it out! You'll kill us driving so fast.
Although this stuff is child's play, I bet he will bungle it.
I've been having a hectic time at work for the past couple of days.
Long time no see! What have you been up to?
You completely miss the point, I'm afraid.
His name is on the tip of my tongue.
You must learn to accept the world as it is.
The appeal of the solution lies in its simplicity.
It's risky to run around with people like that.
Plenty is no plague, at least so they say.
I appreciate your concern, but there's really nothing to worry about.
As the saying goes, you're never too old to learn.
I would have called you from the (shopping) mall, but I couldn't get a signal.
Life doesn't always match your expectations.
Now tell me, what's eating/bothering you?
Chill out! You've been kind of weird lately.
Pull yourself together! It's about time you began a new life.
Don't exaggerate! You have everything you could wish for.
I'm inclined to believe her.
Let's assume for a moment that we've got everything we need.
Keep your mouth shut and do as you are told.
Virtually every film he made was nominated for an Oscar.
That's what I've heard but I wanted to make sure.
I'm in such a hurry that I keep dropping things.
Let's get it over with as soon as possible, rather than drag it out.
I'll be on call day and night.
The worst is behind you. Cheer up!
He's said to be hanging around with the mafia
As usual the problem comes down to money.
Do you happen to know what's on at the cinema?
I thought I'd never make it.
Sorry to butt in, but did you say we are in debt?
The point is that your chances are slim.
Appearances can be deceptive.
Let me put it in another way, if we go there, we'll be done for.
I can't be bothered to do the shopping for you.
I was just saying I was going to take up a job in Ireland
Could you put in a good word for me?
I get the feeling that you're hiding something from me
I didn't use to believe in such things.


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